Have a friend’s birthday coming up? Don’t know what to get? Don’t worry - Best Meta has you covered. Here are a few tips to help make searching for a gift nice and easy.

  • For a few weeks leading up to the gift-giving date, pay extra close attention to whoever you're buying the gift for. Listen to what they talk about, what they mention - you may get a juicy lead to a subject that they are particularly interested in at the moment.
  • Stumped? Step back and take a look at what you've been really wanting to get as a gift. The same subject may not be of interest to the person in question - but it may give you some insight into what someone may want to receive as a gift.
  • Buying a gift for a child? Think back to your childhood and try to remember what toys you loved playing with the most. For example - I was in the same position - and then I remembered the Etch-A-Sketch and how much fun I had with it - and it made the perfect gift.
  • Already have an idea of what your gift-recipient has a hobby in? Focus in on that topic and find an accessory that might help them with there hobby. For example, if you're recipient is a sneaker head, you may want to consider specially designed shoelaces or shoe cleaners. They will especially like this because it shoes that you're paying attention to their interests.
  • Out of ideas? Go grab them a shirt, sweater, or some other piece of clothing. I think a real good gift for men sometimes is just a simple sweatshirt - maybe with their favorite sports team's logo or the like.
  • Still don't know what to get? Visit the Best Meta Blog - we got all types of posts where we go over good ideas for gifts. Is your recipient a Game of Thrones fan? You'd love our Must Have Game of Thrones Gift Ideas list. Go check it out!